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2020 Traveling Tennis

Provided by Rosemount Area Athletic Association

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2020 Traveling Tennis Details

Updated Info as of 6/5/20 (taking into account changes due to Covid-19)

Season: June 15- July 31 *off the week of July 6-10, due to covid guidlines there will not be optional practices this week. 

18's Girls - Mondays/Wednesdays 8:30-9:30     Match play Friday AM's (times will vary)

18's Boys - Tuesday/Thursday 8:30-9:30   Match Play Friday AM's (times will vary)

14's - Tuesday/Thursday 10-11     Match Play Friday AM's (times will vary)

12's Monday/Wednesday 10-11 Match Play Thursday afternoons 1-2:30


-  Parents will be requied to sign two liability forms before players will be allowed on the courts

-  All doors to tennis court are kept open (no touch)

-  All participants keep belongings outside courts. 

-  Ball machine drills and conditioning (players use their own equipment and hit tennis ball with racket (they do not touch tennis balls at all). 

-  Coaches will use hoppers to pick up balls 

(These will be wiped down between groups). Hoppers will be dumped into ball machine/carts.  No touch.

-Players will be in groups with a 2 coaches to 8 player ratio. They will remain in the same groups.

14's  and 18's  - Singles Match Play Arranged/Set Times with comparable skills given specific times and player will be given their own can of tennis balls to use which is brought to and from home each Friday to use.  

Players do a racket tap instead of shaking hands.

Follow USTA guidelines for safe tennis play (will be taught to participants prior to play and monitored by staff

Staff will watch (socially distancing) and provide match feedback via email to participant.

12's match play - 12's will do match play within their regular group. They will be given their own green dot tennis balls with their names written on them. They will be taught and follow the USTA safe play guidelines.




Below info is what a typical season looks like.  It is for info only at this point.  Please focus on the updated info found above.

Traveling Tennis is a combination of drills and match play. Players have the opportunity to improve their skills, gain valuable match experience, and enjoy the social benefits of being part of a team. The main goal of our program is to create an enjoyable, memorable experience for all players.

Traveling tennis adheres to the USTA Jr. Team Tennis guidelines for match play schedule and tournaments.Matches may be played at home in Rosemount or other courts throughout the metro area. There will be traveling to matches

We end our season with the USTA JTT Section Championship tournaments for 14U and 18U. 12U will participate in usta team challenge. All section Championships will be held in TBD ; information on these tournaments is provided to players throughout the season. Date atre included on the registration, please indicate your childs availabilty as we will use that to create teams  


Please register on time to help us create balanced teams. Our deadline for registering teams with USTA is May 25.

Season:  June 10 – July 26, 2020

Fee: $215 (Includes local matches, skill drills, coached practices, Section Championship Tournament entry fee and uniforms.)

USTA memberships are required this year for 14U and 18U. Please include your number on the registration. 

Team Formation

Teams will be balanced based on age, ability and male-female ratio.  The number of teams will be based on the number of registrations. 

We encourage all interested players to sign up regardless of experience.  

Each team will include 6-12 players depending on availability, with a minimum of 6 players per team. At least 3 girls and 3 boys per team are required.

We will have 12U, 14U and 18U teams.  Teams will NOT be set until after the first practice.  All registered players will be placed on a team.

Please email questions regarding the RAAA Traveling Tennis Program to


Tennis racquet, uniform (provided), and tennis shoes. Players should wear sunscreen and bring a water bottle to all practices and matches. Hats and/or visors are optional. 

Additional Information:

This program is run during the day. Player is responsible for their own transportation to and from practices and matches. We would love the players to be at as many of the practices and matches as possible, but we also understand busy summer schedules. 


Rosemount High School Tennis Courts

Practice and Match Times:

12U teams: Practice on Mondays from 2:30 – 4:00  and Fridays from 1-2:30.

Matches played on Wednesdays  1:00 – 4:00 (need to be at match site by 12:45).

14U teams: Practice on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:30 – 4:00.

Matches played on Tuesdays 1:00 – 4:00 (need to be at match site by 12:45).

18U teams: Practice on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:00 - 2:30.

Matches played on Thursdays 1:00 – 4:00 (need to be at match site by 12:45).

Optional court time is offered on Fridays from 1:00-2:30 for 14U and 18U players.

Additional matches may be added during practice times or optional matches outside of practice times for those available to play.

We may also have additional practice times added in the evenings the first week due to school being out late.

Copies of match schedules are distributed at the beginning of the season and are subject to change due to weather, lack of players for match day and additional matches added per program director. USTA JTT League will announce Match schedules the first or second week of June.

Season Dates: June 10 – July 26, 2020

There will be no areas this year.

Sections championships will be:

18's - July 24-26 

14's - July 27-29

12's - Wed July 29 (if we have enough players to field a team for sections)

Please indicate if you your child is available on these dates on the registration. Availabilty will be used to determine teams and ensure we have enough players to compete in sections.

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